Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The District Medical Officer (DMO) of Itanagar Capital Region has raised an alarm about an outbreak of rabies in the Jullang area near Don Bosco College and Chimpu in Itanagar. In a letter to the State Surveillance Officer (SSO) of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP), DMO Dr. Mandip Perme informed that an 18-year-old named Nyaro Rusing was brought to TRIHMS with typical signs and symptoms of rabies on 14 Sept.

According to the hospital records, the patient is a first-year student at Don Bosco College. He had never come into contact with any animals until July 2023 when he was bitten on the right hand palm by a two-month-old puppy.

Dr Perme stated that neither the patient nor the puppy received Anti-Rabies Vaccination, and the puppy died after the bite.

“In this regard, an alarm has been raised in the IDSP portal, and a case investigation is underway by the Rapid Response Team with HWO Jullang,” Dr. Perme added.