Kerala High Court directive not to arrest relative of woman exonerated in drug case

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The Kerala High Court on Monday directed the Assistant Excise Commissioner, Excise Crime Branch, Ernakulam, not to arrest Liviya Jose of Thrissur in connection with a narcotic case.

The High Court had earlier quashed a narcotic case registered against Sheela Sunny, relative of Ms. Jose and owner of a beauty parlour at Chalakudy, who had been arrested and detained for 72 days in connection with the case.

Ms. Sunny was arrested on February 27 following the alleged seizure of synthetic drugs (LSD stamps) from her bag kept in her two-wheeler, by excise officials. However, a laboratory test had revealed that the seized item was not a synthetic drug. The certificate issued by the Chemical Examiner’s Laboratory said that Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) was not detected from the stamp.

In her petition, Ms. Jose alleged that the investigating officer was trying to make her a scapegoat to absolve his fellow officers and subordinates of wrongdoing by registering false charges in the case. The investigation team had threatened to arrest her and charge her with non-bailable offences, she submitted.

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