Low Voltage power supply in Medical Colony is affecting normal lives

1 year ago 877

Medical Colony Ziro, especially behind pharmacy line has been enduring low voltage (below 90 volt) since few years. It is affecting normal day to day activities of general public living in the colony. "Nothing works, not even a 40watts LED bulb", said one resident who did not want to be named. Indeed, the power supply is very low, resulting in failures of devices such as refrigerators in the shops that store frozen food and other staple food items that requires constant cooling. "The low voltage power is causing huge loss in terms of damages of frozen food and we are unable to store perishable items". Said a shopkeeper.

Power supply below 90 volt is unusable and the respective department must look into this persisting problem at the earliest. It is known that the transformer that supplies power to the colony has failed repeatedly and The Medical Colony Welfare Committee has also submitted its grievances to the department and still awaits for the repair/replacement of the transformer that is causing power failures and low voltage supply. It would bring huge relief to the residents of this colony and we request the concerned department to fix the ailing transformer before winter peak power usage arrives.

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