Netcore Cloud appoints Kuldeep Sengar as Group CTO, Praveen Sridhar as VP for Growth & Special Projects

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Netcore Cloud appoints Kuldeep Sengar as Group CTO, Praveen Sridhar as VP for Growth & Special Projects

Netcore Cloud has announced the appointment of Kuldeep Singer as Group Chief Technology Officer (Group CTO) and Praveen Sridhar as vice president, Growth and Special Projects.

With an extensive background spanning over 17 years across renowned organizations such as Microsoft, Loylty Rewardz (A BillDesk Company), Snipp Inc., as well as trailblazing startups, Kuldeep brings to the table a profound comprehension of contemporary technologies and their seamless integration with business workflows. His track record demonstrates a remarkable ability to harmonize technological and business strategies, further enriched by a deep understanding of international markets. This unique blend positions him perfectly to lead the charge in the company's ongoing technological innovations, particularly in the realm of AI-powered customer engagement.

Praveen Sridhar's illustrious career in customer engagement and advocacy, combined with his experience navigating diverse cultures while contributing to the successful growth stories of prominent firms like Freshworks, TCS, and Lummo, establishes him as a vital driving force behind Netcore Cloud's global expansion initiatives and customer retention strategies. His expertise in personalizing customer experiences at scale, delivering tangible value for customers' investments, and maintaining enduring partnerships align seamlessly with Netcore's unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer experience on a global scale.

Speaking on his appointment, Kuldeep Sengar, Group CTO, Netcore Cloud said, “It brings me immense pleasure and gratitude to join the Netcore Cloud family. With our shared dedication and passion, I am confident that we will consistently push limits, explore uncharted territories, and set new industry standards globally. The future looks promising, and I'm eager to contribute to Netcore's next growth chapter."

Praveen Sridhar, Vice President - Growth & Special Projects, expressed, "Netcore Cloud has been a pioneer in the global MarTech industry, setting benchmarks since its inception. As we start to place a renewed emphasis on customer delight and invest in building a strong community of customers, our goal is to ensure they achieve business success with Netcore's suite of products. Focusing on Emotional Investment and Continual partnership are the two barrels that need to fire in sync for us to grow. In this new phase of prioritizing consumer experience, I'm thrilled to join the company's leadership team. Through our insight-backed systems, we aim to enhance customer intelligence in consumer engagement endeavors and to be a guiding force in businesses' journey to profitability."


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